Control Room Systems

Control Rooms requires sophisticated projection, signal management &
control technolgy for the similtaneus projection of various signals from
workstations or Video Cameras.
The signal processors must very powerfull to handle many signals on
many windows with high resolution. The projection systems must be
high definition with the best uniformity in color and brightness.
AVIDEX is collabotating with the major manufactures and integrators of
control room systems such as ELECTROSONIC with huge experience and
many realized projects around the world.
24 hour support is critical for control room operation. AVIDEX can offer
extensive maintenance and support contracts for his customers.

Why Avidex
Why Avidex
AVIDEX is an ISO9001 cerfitied company operating in the Residential, Mega Yacht  and Commercial sectors. We have over twenty years of experience supporting a variety of high-profile clients in Greece and abroad and we are proud on delivering...
Home Cinema
Home Cinema
AVIDEX is using the best equipment and as a result our home cinema systems exceed even those standards set by public cinemas, and all in the comfort of your own home. Our projection systems can offer from full HD to 4K picture resolutions with 3D...
Automation & Control
Automation & Control
The most sophisticated systems demand the simplest of controls. AVIDEX  take great pride in producing attractive and functional systems that seamlessly integrate and control all of your equipment from a single room, or multiple locations in your...
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