Auditorium and conference and centers technical needs are beyond the
installation of a simple projector and a screen. Most often a study of the
room is needed in order to place correctly the speakers and the
microphones. Video Cameras with Pan, Tilt, and Zoom capabilities to
record the conference or transmit with videoconferencing systems to
remote sites. Additional displays or screens for better viewing for
delegates far from the main screen. Translation systems with IP
technology, interpretation booths and wireless receivers. Assistive
Listening Systems. Connection and operation of Teletraining systems.
Room Lighting control. And of course control and Automation systems
such as Crestron for the control from one ore more touch screens of the
complicated A/V equipment from one person only.
AVIDEX can study, supply and install all the equipment needed. After
sales support is guaranteed for the smooth operation of your investement

Home Cinema
Home Cinema
AVIDEX is using the best equipment and as a result our home cinema systems exceed even those standards set by public cinemas, and all in the comfort of your own home. Our projection systems can offer from full HD to 4K picture resolutions with 3D...
Automation & Control
Automation & Control
The most sophisticated systems demand the simplest of controls. AVIDEX  take great pride in producing attractive and functional systems that seamlessly integrate and control all of your equipment from a single room, or multiple locations in your...
LONG EXPERIENCE AVIDEX has incomparable knowledge with over 20 years experience in designing and installing integrated systems for demanding clients in a variety of environments. Our staff - from a range of architectural, commercial, design...
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